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Upcoming event

Research Bazaar Dunedin (ResBaz) is running from February 7th to 9th, 2018.

eResearch @ Otago

The University of Otago does not have a funded centre for eResearch as such, but of course there is a rich variety of eResearch activity occurring here. Beyond the work of researchers and their research groups, the service divisions have made many recent improvements to eResearch facilities on offer.

If you are interested in support for your own research activities, ITS Teaching & Learning Facilities provide an eResearch toolbox. We have also summarised some services that may be useful for the University's Research Themes.

This wiki is linked to members of the University of Otago interested in eResearch strategy.

Otago eResearch Advisory group

The Otago eResearch Advisory group (ERA) is a subcommittee of the University Research Committee.

We have monthly meetings, and would be very pleased to hear your thoughts, comments and/or feedback on any topics related to eResearch services and strategy.


The eResearch Advisory group (ERA) has formed the NeSI@Otago Steering Group to promote the adoption of NeSI facilities by the University's researchers.