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The New Zealand eScience Infrastructure (NeSI) links to the University of Otago and its staff and students in many ways. NeSI@Otago is an umbrella organisation that collects together relevant committees and interest groups.

  • For your convenience, email to or generic NeSI related calls to the ITS Service Desk will be forwarded to the appropriate group(s) below as required. Some operational calls or emails may be re-routed directly to the appropriate service delivery team in NeSI for actioning.
  • We are working to collate documentation about using NeSI from Otago researchers, and will post links here as we learn of them:

User-facing NeSI@Otago groups

NeSI@Otago Interest Group

  • Purpose: Collect current and potential users of NeSI infrastructure at the University of Otago.
  • Email:
  • Email list archives: TBC
  • Self-service sign-up: TBC

NeSI@Otago Steering Group

  • Purpose: include both academic researchers and staff from service divisions, who are involved with NeSI activities at Otago, and seek to improve the effectiveness of the University's use of NeSI facilities and services.
  • Links:
    • Reports to the University Research Committee through the eResearch Advisory Group at least annually (or directly to RC?);
    • Reports to ITAC at least annually;
    • Liaison with ITS regarding University facilities and training initiatives;
    • Coordinate activities and reporting with the other NeSI@Otago groups: e.g., the researcher reference group and the interest group;
    • Monitoring Key Performance Indicators regarding the proportion of use made of NeSI facilities and services by researchers at the University of Otago;
    • Reacting to Key Performance Indicators regarding the rate at which new users from the University of Otago begin using NeSI facilities;
    • Helping organise and support a NeSI users’ group at the University of Otago;
    • Showcasing University of Otago research success stories that have been assisted by NeSI facilities and services;
    • Ensuring that University of Otago staff have regular opportunities to be introduced to the use of NeSI facilities;
    • Coordinating feedback from researchers to inform NeSI’s strategic planning and development;
    • Reporting gaps in provision of eResearch services to NeSI;
    • Liaison regarding NeSI operations and strategic planning at the University of Otago between ITS, RC, ITAC, and ERA.
  • Contact email:
  • Members: (email
    • Blair Blakie
    • Rob Ballagh
    • Mik Black
    • David Eyers
    • Mike Harte (maintaining a watching brief)
    • Dave Maclaurin
    • Peter Whigham

NeSI@Otago Researcher Reference Group

  • Purpose:
    • Otago "thought leaders" have been contacted regarding NeSI@Otago concerns such as the NeSI National Platforms Framework Review Process.
    • This is a smaller set of active users than the members of the NeSI@Otago interest group.
    • This group's membership is likely to overlap at least in part with the steering group.
    • This group is not expected to meet, but instead to have questions asked to it, and periodically guidance sought from it.
  • Contact email:
  • Members: (email
    • Rob Ballagh
    • Richard Blaikie
    • Tony Blakely
    • Blair Blakie
    • Anthony Butler
    • David Eyers
    • Anna Garden
    • Neil Gemmell
    • Paul Hansen
    • James Maclaurin
    • Holger Regenbrecht
    • Virginia Toy
    • Michael Winikoff
    • cabraham
    • Jen Hay (Canterbury)
    • JHalbers (

NeSI@Otago Operations

  • Purpose: Currently, Otago does not have much direct staffing of NeSI@Otago concerns. If we developed an eResearch Centre, there would be such staff, and an operations group might make sense, although it would be broader in function than NeSI@Otago. Currently the NeSI staff at Otago functionally report to NeSI.
  • Contact email:
    • This group comprises the Otago NeSI Solution Services staff + Site Manager (2.6. FTE)

Groups required by contract

NeSI@Otago Official Site Notices from NeSI Directorate

  • Purpose: used by NeSI when they are sending The University of Otago site an official ‘site notice’ under the terms of the contracts.
  • Email:
  • Email list archives: TBC
  • Self-service sign-up: TBC
  • List of members: (email
    • Gavin Clark
    • Mike Harte

NeSI@Otago Contracting

  • Purpose: This committee has the authority to negotiate and make recommendations to the COO regarding the contracts between NeSI and the University of Otago. Includes Research Division, Finance, ITS, HR and Academic representatives.
  • Links: The committee represents all of the key organisational units of the University.
  • Contact email:
  • List of members: (email, or
    • dvc.research
    • Sharon Vanturnhout
    • Mike Harte
    • Margo Ferguson
    • Dave Maclaurin
    • Steve Nichols
    • Mary Gower
    • Jane Stumbles
    • Mik Black

(This list is a combination of those explicitly listed in the Services Agreement contract, and from Steve Nichols onwards, those who also took part during the negotiation phase.)